Low Pressure

Water Mist

Fire Supression System

Our Watermist systems use smaller water droplets compared to that of standard sprinkler systems. It is the surface area of water which absorbs heat, the use of smaller droplets increases the surface area and therefore heightens the efficiency of heat absorption. On absorbing heat the droplets are converted to steam around the fire plume, there-by displacing the oxygen and disrupting the combustion process.

The ability of these small droplets to absorb heat and create steam around the fire source is key to the effectiveness of watermist systems in suppressing and extinguishing fires. With the reduction in droplet size, the water requirement of our system is also significantly reduced to 13.94 litre per minute per nozzle at 7 bar pressure and this leads to some key advantages when compared with standard sprinkler systems and other water mist systems.

Aqua Mist Low Pressure Water Mist Fire Surpression System

Advantages are

  • Significant reduction in Water Storage requirements
  • Smaller diameter pipework, which aids installation and reduces co-ordination issues
  • Pump power requirements are less
  • Reduced Water damage in the event of activation
  • Smoke Scrubbing
  • Greater cooling capacity
  • Our pump and tank equipment for an OH1 Risk could be located in the equivalent risk sprinkler system pump house negating the need for an external tank and associated civil works
  • Retro-fit installations eased due to reduced pipe sizing
  • Suppression rather than control

Our systems have been installed in multiple market sectors, our team has successfully designed, supplied, installed and maintain watermist systems to the following

  • Offices - Multi Storey offices nationwide, Ireland and Egypt
  • Hotels - Beetham HiltonTower in Manchester is one of many
  • Major Attractions - The London Eye, Cutty Sark and Weston Super Mare Pier
  • Retail - WHSmith & Vital Ingredients
  • Schools - in excess of 15 installations
  • Care Homes - over 40 installations nationwide
  • Domestic Properties ranging from full protection to means of escape
  • Large Production Facilities ranging from £30k to £900k including overseas installations
  • Installed in over 30 Fire Stations nationwide
  • Car Parks - Nationwide and also including an apartment Car park in Singapore
Fire Surpression systems

Orange Fire Protection Group Ltd systems are designed in accordance with varying watermist standards NFPA 750:2015, BS8489-1, BS8458-1 and FM5560. We also utilise current sprinkler standards BSEN12845 and BS9251 when assessing hazard guidelines and providing equivalent life safety and property protection systems.

Our systems are designed using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and hydraulic calculation software, incorporating 3D plant manufacture to ensure the best results for our plant assembly production. Orange Fire Protection Group’s systems are fully hydraulically calculated using industry recognised software for sizing pipework and pumping equipment.

We believe that we have the requisite skills and experience to be of valuable assistance to you, having established a portfolio of successfully completed installations to date and we would welcome the opportunity to tender for any projects where fire protection is required. We have assisted a number of renowned organisations in this type of technology.